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Living with our landscapes and giving up the lawn

Lawns have become the largest entity on our commercial and residential landscapes. While lawns positively serve as a carbon sink for that nasty greenhouse gas in our atmosphere, it’s benefits are completely depleted when we add in how much water, fertilizers, and gas powered mowers are used to maintain them. We are no longer living with our landscapes, but forcing our landscapes to live with us.

At Clark Brook Designs, our mission is to restore ecological systems and protect them with our individualized landscape designs and plans. We want you to have a landscape you love, while giving the earth and all its other inhabitants a little love as well. Our plans give you an aesthetically pleasing landscape that is sustainable in multiple ways. Our plants are carefully selected to provide great habitat and food for you and pollinators alike, and we take careful consideration in working with the habitats and ecological processes you already have on your property. It is amazing to see how well your landscapes can sustain themselves when you create a symbiotic habitat. Before we stepped in, plants ruled the world. Let’s live with our landscapes again and give up the lawn.

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