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Masters Certificate of Sustainable

Environmental Management and Planning

University of Connecticut 2014-2015


Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture

University of Massachusetts 2007-2011

Certified Master Gardener

University of Connecticut 


Certificate of Holistic Farm Management

CTNOFA Beginning Women’s Farmer Program 


Theory and practice of Urban Design

Danish Institute of Study Abroad


Owner and Landscape Designer





After receiving her degree in Landscape Architecture, Rachel began her career in in the field interning for the Parks and Rec. Dept. of Queens, NY. Setting her sights on a quieter way of living, she moved to VT and worked for a variety of Landscape Design companies in the Mad River Valley.

She moved back to CT to work for a Landscape Architecture firm, but decided she needed to work for herself to accomplish what she hoped in the field and she missed VT.

She started Clark Brook Designs on her homestead in rural VT where she practices what she preaches with her husband and three kids. 


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